CiMAGE Sdn Bhd was being started up in the year of 2000 by which specialized in assisting our customers’ with Intellectual Property (IP) such as trademark, patent, industrial design and copyright that related to IP registration and consultation services.

CiMAGE Objectives
CiMAGE Sdn Bhd is derived from the combination words of “Creative” and “Image”. The purpose of CiMAGE is to teach the businessmen and create the public awareness toward IP since in Malaysia, there is low IP conscious which is seemed to be a loss when facing with the IP related matters. Therefore, our objective is to take care of the customers’ welfare and to satisfy their needs. The customers’ welfare here refers to the protection to their ownership right over the intangible properties such as brand name. At the same time, we are gaining the customers’ trust in order to carry out the promotion strategy through their praise.

Employ love and wisdom to accord and to provide services for SMEs in order to share and enhance the business philosophy
between each other.


Provide the basic infrastructure, platform and environment for the greater protection, promotion, maintenance and expansion.

Basic Services
Our company provides the IP related services include trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright and so on.

At the same time, we provide advice on trademark design and also trademark protection for chain stores according to the requirements under IP law.

The services provided by us is a complete set of services including follow-up task such as replying letters to the government, submitting the application personally to government department ( not by posting), updating with customers about their current status, informing them to renew their trademark license and so on.

Other than that, we are also helping our customers’ who already had their IP registration, in promoting their company and their brand name through the activities of Malaysia Book of Records under their request. To date, we had conducted more than 10 events which had been listed in Malaysia Book of Records. The purpose of conducting these events is to help the customers’ who had successfully registered their trademark to do promotion. A success brand name is not only relying on the protection but also promotion.
Business Specialties
We always advices the businessman to recognize their own trademark as this is very important. Register the trademark once it is being recognized. With this, the first mission is to teach the customers to know trademark and its protection.

Furthermore, our way of conducting business is by having the mutual interaction with the customers; that is customers provide the relevant documents, telling their needs, on the other hand, we provides related services and also some legal advices to the customers.

Besides that, when helping customers conduct for their IP registration, we also take precautions step in helping the customers to develop a risk-management plan, once others infringe their IP right, the customers are able to take some immediate action. We, as the professional consultants may have the responsibility to teach the customers how to react to the unpleasant situation at least they are able to do a simple risk management. Most of the times, we will provide a few back up plans for the customers, in order for them to take up the most suitable solutions when emergency.

Courses and Lecturing
IP is a special issue. All the while, there are less people paying attention to its existence. But, there are omnipresent. Although the people who do not understand IP will not realize their existence, but everyone will deal with the IP related issue and things in their daily life.

With this, the lecturing and courses conducted by CiMAGE’s team is different from the lecturing or courses conducted by others. As a saying goes, “travel will make you know more than just study”; it is better to let the customers to have direct contact with the things and matters related to IP which appears in their daily life rather than just telling them what is IP, trademark, patent, industrial design and copyright. This is our philosophy in lecturing and conducting courses and this differentiate us from others .

Furthermore, in order to show respect to the audience, all the lecturing and courses are presided by CiMAGE’s founder.
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