In the past, the first thing people may do before setting up a company or after setting up a company is promotion. This is because they want to introduce themselves to others. However, according to CiMAGE’s philosophy, this is not really worked. Due to the advance technology, people are able to do many types of activities: good or bad, legal or illegal, ethic or unethical.

Today, promotion is not necessary good for a company. We are not saying that promotion is not good, but promotion should be done in the right time, then only can achieve a better result. Once the promotional activities are being done, this means that it gives the public a chance to know your company and your products and some of them may even evaluate on your company and also the products. For example, a new startup company is doing their promotional activities through media and able to reach the public in Malaysia. In return, the company is having the good public image and the product received a good response from the market once being introduced. Do you think that others will not follow your step in introducing that product? People are intelligence, they are able to modify the same product to be the new one and introduce to the market by creating the other brand name or using the identical brand name as the previous company has. Then, what can you do?
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