Protection is the foundation. Without a strong foundation, a structure will not last. Even though you are success, you will not reach the end without a strong foundation. This is because a small stumbling block will easily get you out of the game. Most of the people do not realize that business registration is one of the protections. They may think that business registration is a must for entering the game, but actually it is protecting your company for trading activities.

Intellectual Property is an intangible property. You may not be able to apply the same technique of protecting the tangible property in protecting your intangible property, it may not work! People always said, ‘choose the right people for the right place’. Company’s main intangible property is the NAME. If you are not able to protect your name from using by others, causes others sharing the benefit of yours, is this worth? Unlike the name of people, people do not have the right of stopping others to use the same name as yours even though you are a country’s leader. Protection in the form of IP registration gives you the exclusive right of using your IP. Once your company become famous or your brand name become well-known, that is all belong to you but NOT OTHERS!!

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